Are you struggling to make sense of Google Analytics data?

40% of marketers struggle to prove the ROI of their marketing activities within their company.

Report: State of Inbound, 2017

Who should sign up?

This course is ideal for anyone responsible for increasing online leads and sales from a website, for example:

  • Web Analytics Specialists
  • Content Marketers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Webmasters
  • E-commerce Managers
  • Business Owners/Entrepreneurs

Whether your goal is to secure marketing budget or prove ROI of your marketing efforts you will need a measurement plan, implementation of the measurement plan, and an understanding of how to interpret the raw data and convert it into a meaningful conversation.

Think of your digital marketing activities like a ship and your analytics is the compass and the map. You need to have well-trained analysts to guide your marketing in the right direction.

Our Google Analytics Course helps your team uncover business-critical information about your prospects and optimize your campaigns while mitigating non-performing marketing/advertising expenses.

In this course, we will teach you how to:

  • Create a Measurement Plan and infuse an analytics culture into your marketing department
  • Look at analytics data beyond standard metrics like pageviews, sessions, and bounce rates
  • Get answers to business-critical questions about digital marketing through analytics
  • Improve your content’s reach through proper segmentation of your website audience

Course Outline

Getting Started

  • Measurement Plan
  • About Google Analytics
  • Definitions and Interface
  • Dimensions and Metrics
  • Implementation Plan

GA Implementation (Through GTM – Basic) and Setup

  • Content Engagement Tracking
  • Intro to Event Tracking
  • Implementing Third-Party Tags
  • Integration with (Google AdWords, Search Console, Adsense)

Analysis and Reporting

  • Interpreting Standard Reports
  • Custom Reports
  • Custom Segments (and regex)
  • User ID
  • Data Import
  • Measurement Protocol
  • Intro to Data Studio
  • Google Spreadsheet Add-On

Training Fee and Availability

We currently offer 1-on-1 courses only. The duration of this course is approximately 8 hours and we can deliver this course anywhere in Ontario. We deliver the course at your site or at our office in Mississauga and Toronto.

You could be eligible for funding through Canada-Ontario Job Grant for this training. Click here for details.