Data-driven marketing leads to increased conversion and customer acquisition according to 78% of 0rganizations.

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74% of customers feel frustrated by seeing irrelevant content from brands


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Delivering a Robust ROI for Your Business

It’s impossible to know if your marketing efforts are delivering the maximum ROI for your business if you don’t have access to relevant data. Data-driven marketing aims to optimize your brand communications by analyzing customer information and targeting your brand messaging to that unique, highly granular information.

For example, if you know your customer has already purchased one of your products, you can start sending the ads and messages for higher-priced packages, versus to a customer who is at the very beginning of your sales funnel and hasn’t converted yet. Data-driven insight gives marketers the ability to implement highly effective personalized messaging that can better predict the customer’s needs, wants, and behavior.

Ads and marketing strategies that utilize personalized targeted messaging see conversion rates anywhere between 5 to 8 times higher than non-personalized copy. In a recent study on conversion rates for price-sensitive targets, copy that was specifically designed for these consumers saw conversion rates increase by a massive 200%.

Data is everything in marketing. It informs where your efforts are paying off, where they’re best forgotten, and where they need a bit of improvement. Data gathered from web analytics, and Google analytics audits are the closest thing that marketers have to a crystal ball that predicts the future of their customer’s behavior, and how the business can capitalize on this information.

Two out of three of the leading surveyed marketers say that data beats gut instinct when it comes to choosing and implementing a marketing plan every time. And it makes perfect sense. Data-driven marketing will save your business time and ultimately money. Why “guess” what’s going to work when the data points to exactly what’s worked in the recent past or what’s currently working? It gives you the ability to know precisely what efforts or marketing channels to scale and invest in and what types of messages are going to resonate the most with your targets based on where they are in the customer journey.

But isn’t Google analytics enough? You may be wondering, and we contend that for many businesses, Google analytics implementation won’t give a clear, holistic view of the data on a level that’s granular enough to provide you with the maximum ROI. For data-driven organizations, Google analytics alone just isn’t enough. For example, Google analytics is often sufficient for tracking relevant page views, and sessions. But in many cases, you need additional context to draw meaningful connections and make informed conclusions.

  • How to create and subsequently measure the user journeyHow to optimize the conversion path
  • How to conduct relevant and effective A/B testing


And that’s just the beginning. But unfortunately, a lot of businesses struggle with taking a data-driven approach to their online marketing efforts. For one thing, it can be challenging to find relevant data in the first place. Many lack the necessary tools to get started, and they may struggle with knowing how to understand and use the information they eventually access.

  • Only 42% of marketers can run just the most basic of data-driven reports.
  • 81% of surveyed businesses said that implementing data-driven marketing was too complicated even to know where to get started.


Unfortunately, the struggle is real for businesses when it comes to implementing highly effective data-driven marketing. Our knowledgeable and experienced data-driven marketers have been performing Google analytics audits for business owners in a variety of niches and industries. A Google analytics audit from our dedicated team gives you a highly-customized measurement model that goes through your current analytics implementation and resources and provides you with an implementation plan that you can either do yourself or have our experts conveniently do it for you.

Are you ready to increase your sales and conversions with on-point and air-tight personalized, data-driven messaging? Your customers will love seeing messages from your trusted brand that speak to them like a real, individual person with unique needs and desires. Get started with a customized, Google analytics audit and see your sales numbers and brand followers increase.

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We help you create measurement model, find opportunities within your existing marketing efforts and improve the overall effectiveness of your digital marketing.

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